51. Lanistar


Company: Lanistar

Founder: Gurhan Kiziloz

Website: iamlanistar.com

Business: A fintech company offering a hassle-free banking alternative.


About Lanistar

Lanistar is an innovative new banking alternative, with plans to “revolutionise the world of personal finance”, putting the customer at the core of everything they do. The startup was founded this year, and claims to provide the safest, securest and the simplest financial product available on the market today. CEO and founder Kiziloz claims in a previous interview with TechRound:

“We’re not just here to challenge the status quo, we’re here to completely takeover, instituting a completely new way for our customers to think about and manage their money. This won’t be easy, and we’ll need to take on the leaders in the marketplace, but we’re determined to do this to make our vision of improving the nation’s financial wellbeing a reality.”




Lanistar was inspired by Kizoloz’s own personal dissatisfaction with the products available in the UK banking sector. Whilst other areas of business have progressed tremendously over the last 10 years, Kizoloz states the financial sector has lagged behind, with many of the products currently on offer holding the same fundamental qualities as those from hundreds of years ago.

With a lack of innovation and customer-first products, Lanistar sets out to provide a product that will “hand power back to the consumer”, personalising, and further enhancing, their day-to-day banking experience.

The company has set some impressive aspirations for its future, Kizoloz’s ambition for Lanistar being to achieve unicorn status, with a minimum value of £1 billion.