50. Nutra Tea


Company: Nutra Tea

Founder: Anish Patel

Website: nutratea.co.uk

The Business: Innovative tea range made with 100% raw ingredients sourced from over 20 countries with strong health benefits


About Nutra Tea

Nutra Tea is an exciting start-up offering a range of herbal and healthy teas. Nutra Tea is the culmination of three years work of sourcing ingredients from over 20 different countries and perfecting the quality and taste – with teas targeting a range of health benefits and functions including anxiety, energy, relaxation, bladder, thyroid and more.

The founder told TechRound: “Many people will buy tea from their local supermarkets, but it is rarely 100% ginger, mint or lemon and it is typically just a small percentage and filled with additives to make it taste better.”

“With Nutra Tea, you get the whole 100% of the raw ingredient and we have spent years working on the taste, so it is not overpowering in flavour, but has maximum health benefits.”


A selection of teas taken from the Nutra Tea range.


The founder continues: “We want to change perceptions about modern medicine, because I think people today are a lot more open-minded to try different products such as CBD and other alternatives.”

And further “We want to explain that you can get everything you need from a herbal tea, and if you have headaches or trouble sleeping, you may or may not have to rely on heavy medication, and a Nutra Tea could be all you need!”

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