49. Ubamarket


Company: Ubamarket 

Founders: Will Broome

Website: ubamarket.com

Business: A shopping app enhancing users experience of offline retail.


About Ubamarket

Founded in 2016, Ubamarket helps to improve the offline shopping experience through a variety of AI-backed features – including a “Supermarket sat-nav” that efficiently guides users around the store to items on their shopping list, cutting down on time spent searching for what you need. The app also enables users to scan products as they shop and pay at the end online, eliminating the need queues at check-out.

Other features offered by the app include:


  • Facial recognition – helping to perform valid ID checks on products with age restrictions.


  • Promotes sustainable shopping – enables users to shop more sustainably, providing information on what product’s packaging can be recycled and which cannot. Once finished, the app will then summarise the shop’s environmental footprint.


  • Diet and allergen tailored – users are alerted to the dietary and allergen information for products in the store, helping them to shop according to their requirements.


The app was inspired whilst founder and CEO Will Broome was shopping at a supermarket, after going back and forth through numerous aisle trying to find everything on his list, Broome thought to himself “Wouldn’t it be cool if you walked in and your list was magically in the right order?” From there, Ubamarket was developed.




Previous iterations of Ubamarket have already been used in a number of stores, including Warner’s Budgens, SPAR and Londis, with a 92% adoption and re-use rate. Founder Will Broome states:

“Ubamarket’s mobile technology helps retailers to offer customers an incredible experience when they come to shop at their stores. Not only does our technology revitalise and revolutionise the process of shopping in-store for customers, but it also provides retailers with a much-needed method to get back on track and ensure they can thrive in the midst of a tough climate for the industry.”