62. Mayku

Company: Mayku

Founder: Alex Smilansky (pictured) and Ben Redford

Website: mayku.me

About: Mayku’s desktop factory is turbocharging Britain’s creative businesses by enabling rapid design, prototyping and high-quality production


About Mayku

Mayku FormBox can help you speed up your product development. Bringing mold production in-house can save you time and money. Getting your next idea off the ground has never been easier.

Mayku are empowering R&D professionals to work remotely and continue the product development process even at home, with industrial grade vacuum forming technology at a fraction of the size and cost. Mayku’s revolutionary technology, along with their closely-knit online community of designers, engineers, manufacturers and creators, support companies to continue their business activities and boost their product development efforts, across multiple industries and sectors.

Mayku’s outstanding innovation secured their place in City AM’s list of top 50 startups for 2019, and has also enabled the company to not only survive the pandemic, but thrive throughout the lockdown, posting a 100% month-on-month growth throughout the months of March and April.



Commenting on covid-19, founder Alex Smilansky told TechRound:

“Mayku are working to help companies tackle these issues by offering industrial-grade design and manufacturing equipment at a fraction of the size and cost, allowing R&D professionals to rapidly prototype new designs and iterate new products locally using the FormBox, even away from the office. With a FormBox, R&D departments can work remotely, using the desktop technology to carry out precision, small batch production.”