63. iZettle


Company: iZettle

Founder: Jacob De Geer and Magnus Nilsson 

Website: www.izettle.com/gb

Business: A fintech company offering small businesses point-of-sale apps and tools for sales overview.


About iZettle

Founded in 2010, iZettle offers point-of-sale (POS) solutions, on a mission to “help small businesses succeed in a world of giants.” Since its launch, iZettle have created the world’s first mini chip card reader, enabling businesses to accept all of the major credit cards, contactless payments, and Apple, Samsung and Google Pay.

As well its innovative mini chip card reader, iZettle also offer an array of other tools and solutions to help small businesses enhance their operations, including the iZettle E-commerce. With this product, businesses can benefit from a range of different easy-to-use tools, helping them to build up a professional website effortlessly, manage their online transactions, and ultimately operate online as well as in store.


Jacob De Geer, CEO and co-founder


Through iZettle, small businesses can take customer’s payments quickly, create and send invoices in a matter of seconds and understand their sales as well as their customer’s behaviour. Today, the startup is a member of the PayPal family, with its commerce platform available in Europe and Latin America, supporting the growth of small businesses through their range of innovative products. The company state:

“Small businesses have big business needs but are underserved. Top of their list is finding new customers, facing competition and navigating regulation. iZettle cuts down the barriers of entry to take part in the economy by offering innovative, easy-to-use and affordable tools to meet small business needs. We are the category leader offering tools to help small businesses get paid, sell smarter and grow.”