64. Cinch


Company: Cinch 

Founder: Avril Palmer-Baunack

Website: www.cinch.co.uk

The Business: An online platform helping users to find, buy and sell used cars.


About The Business

Launched in June 2019, Cinch is an easy to use, jargon-free online service, helping users to find, buy and sell used cars. The company state that their mission is “to take out all the irritations and hold-ups that make changing cars trickier than it needs to be. We know what drivers want. And we’ve ripped up the rule book to make sure you get it.”

The startup not only provides a platform for buyers and sellers to easily use, it also helps those looking for their next car to explore and learn about the car that best suits their lifestyle.




Users looking for a car can filter their results by location and budget, the site exclusively listing cars that are under seven years old and covering less than 70,000 miles. With Cinch, user benefit from free home delivery, 7-day money back guarantee and a 90-day warrantee, all with no hidden admin fees.

The Cinch platform also has a “Jargon Buster” section, dedicated to helping people to learn more about any car-related terminology they’re confused by.

The startup is backed by one of the country’s largest automotive service companies, BCA. Within just a month of its launch, Cinch signed over one thousand car forecourts, divisional CEO of the company Jonny Crowe stating “The partners we’ve spoken to and signed up to work with Cinch have been really impressed with the way Cinch works, and with what that means for dealers. We have signed more than a thousand forecourts already – helping dealers by helping consumers find what they want, without the faff.”