7. Mine


Company: Mine 

Founder: Gal Ringel, Kobi Nissan and Gal Golan

Website: saymine.com

Business: An AI-based platform enabling users to both understand and manage what personal data the internet holds about them.


About Mine

Founded in 2019, London-based startup Mine is the first of its kind, helping users to find out more about their “digital footprint” – this being the personal information the internet holds about them. The startup launched in the UK after a successful €2.7 million seed round, and has since been on a mission to create a new standard for privacy online, helping users to learn about the personal data they share, and make more informed decisions about how they share it whilst using the internet. The startup state:

Having been on the inside of the tech world, we saw how people, and even ourselves are losing trust in tech companies. As three entrepreneurs, investors and tech geeks, we set out to do what we know best: use technology to solve problems.”

“We believe now is the time to drive a major market shift by providing people worldwide with a real choice about who gets to keep their data and how it’s used. Welcome to the future of data ownership”




Mine’s technology works through machine learning algorithms, utilising users’ email inboxes to find digital traces of relationships with various different companies that may have stored their data. The startup’s technology conducts this search without reading, collecting or storing any content from these emails, upholding its ethos of putting people in control of their personal data.