79. NanaBowls

Company: NanaBowls

Founder: Jessica Moses and Phil Anthony

Website: nanabowls.com

Business: Offering tasty, 100% natural smoothie bowls whilst promoting clean and healthy eating.


About NanaBowls

Founded in 2017, NanaBowls is a startup offering healthy smoothie bowl treats, self-professed to be the first of its kind – a smoothie bowl with no added sugars, sweeteners or syrups. NanaBowls are also dairy-, soy- and gluten-free, packed with vegan-friendly protein to keep you fuelled throughout the day in a clean and sustainable way.

NanaBowls was inspired by co-founder Jessica Moses’s time in Phuket, Thailand. Whilst in Phuket, Moses noticed a smoothie-bowl shaped gap in the market and decided to take advantage of this, along with her passion for health and nutrition, and started NanaBowls.




Whilst most smoothie bowls are often filled with additives and sugar, Moses, a self-proclaimed “sugar-free activist” developed her smoothie bowls to be as clean and healthy as possible, with no added sugars or artificial sweeteners.

NanaBowls has been recognised for its efforts in promoting clean and healthy eating,  named the Health Food Brand of the Year in 2018.

These award-winning smoothie bowls can be found stocked in various eateries across Phuket as well as the Treehouse Lounge in Melbourne, Australia. The startup claim:

“we’re fed up of all that sugary business, ingredients that leave you bloated and food that just isn’t photo worthy, so we’re taking action.”

“Here at NanaBowls our mission is: to create the world’s most nutritious (and seriously delicious) SMOOTHIE BOWLS”.