80. tripAbrood


Company: tripAbrood

Founders: Alexa-Maria Rathbone Barker and Ketan Anand

Website: tripabrood.com

The Business: tripAbrood is on a mission to revolutionise family travel through the power of AI, creating a virtual travel assistant that matches families with a high degree of accuracy to their perfect holiday, anywhere in the world.


About tripAbrood

As the most complex traveller type, families have been overlooked for a long time and forced to fit into the same one-size-fits-all model of every other traveller. tripAbrood was born with an aim of using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to create an online travel agent experience that deeply understands each family and reduces the time it takes to find suitable family holidays online, from hours to a matter of minutes. Since October 2019, the tripAbrood team has grown to 11 people across Engineering, Data, UX, Product and Marketing. They have had to overcome significant challenges from a plethora of angles to create a personalised online travel service for families.




tripAbrood has also entered into partnerships with some of the leading companies in tech and travel. As families emerge from the Covid-19 crisis, they believe there will never have been a more important time for families to use a personalised service to start travelling again.