81. Rize


Company: Rize

Founders: Mirav Vyas and Adrienne Youngman

Website: www.joinrize.com

Business: Rize is a new type of professional network bringing together the impact of a mentor with the reach of an influencer in order to build a better future of work, together

Rize - Mentor swipe screen

About Rize

Rize is a platform that helps the next generation of diverse talent entering the workforce. Rize connects users with inspirational mentors to help them in their career progression.

Gen Z is the biggest population in the US and the second biggest in the UK, and despite being the most diverse generation in history, large marginalised segments still face significant barriers when launching their careers. Rize solves these core problems by bridging the gap between people seeking career advice and insights to those wanting to share their wisdom, develop their leadership skills and build their professional brand. 

The Rize community is growing fast and aims to be professional but fun, describing itself as ‘LinkedIn meets TikTok’.

The founders have a clear vision for Rize: to be the number one career platform for the next generation entering our workforce. “Rize will diversify and develop the future leaders that will shape the world of work by expanding access to opportunities related to skills, jobs and mentorship.”