82. Babylon Health

Company: Babylon Health

Founder: Ali Parsa

Website: babylonhealth.com

The Business: A health service provider, offering patients remote consultations with health care professionals via its mobile app.


About Babylon Health

Founded by the former CEO of Circle Health Ali Parsa, Babylon Health helps patients to access healthcare consultations remotely via the startup’s app. Through this app, users can send of inquiries with photos, video messages or text to a healthcare professional (e.g. a nurse, doctor or therapist), as well as being able to book necessary health exams across London.

The startup claim their mission is “to put an accessible and affordable health service in the hands of every person on earth”, the name of the company inspired by the citizens from ancient city of Babylon, claimed to be “one of the earliest examples of democratising healthcare”, who used to gather together to discuss treatments when needing medical attention.




Through the Babylon Health app, users can discuss health concerns with healthcare professionals, who can offer medical advice, talk through potential treatment options, and order prescriptions for home delivery – a particularly useful feature now during the COVID-19 health crisis and the social distancing measures put in place to tackle it.

Babylon Health have also created an AI system that can pre-screen users’ symptoms. This system receives data about the user’s health issues, compares it with known conditions and aliments, and attempts to find potential matches and the action required for this.

Since its launch, Babylon Health have raised a total $635.3 million, a large contributor to this amount coming from their Series C funding round in August 2019, which saw the startup close a staggering $550 million.