83. Mamamade

Company: Mamamade 

Founder: Sophie Meislin Baron

 Website: mamamadefood.com

Business: A food company delivering healthy, home-made meals for babies.


About Mamamade

Launching in the UK in 2019, Mamamade is a baby food company offering healthy, convenient plant-based meals for weaning. Mamamade’s products are available in subscription boxes, each one offering 12 tasty meals with a range of new flavour combinations, flash-frozen to help keep in the nutrients.

The startup has seen explosive growth recently, reporting a staggering 300% increase in orders since the COVID-19 lockdown, and having also employed a team of nutritionists and chefs to deliver nutritional, restaurant-standard food straight to parents’ doors.

Mamamade meals are tailored to a baby’s age, as well as their stage of eating, all developed to be free from the “Big 8” allergens.




The startup was inspired when founder Sophie Meislin Baron began introducing her daughter to solid foods. Meislin Baron states:

“I wanted her to have the very best – everything home cooked, organic, plant-based, flavourful and healthy – but the reality was that I struggled to keep up with the pace of mealtimes on top of milk feeds.”




Wanting to bring convenience to home-cooked healthy weaning foods, Mamamade was born, creating a product to help other parents facing the founder’s dilemma.

All Mamamade boxes are made to offer minimal food waste, with ingredients prepped and pre-portioned. These subscription boxes also come with no obligation, customers having the option to modify, skip and cancel their boxes anytime.