5. Neyber

Company Name: Neyber

Website: https://www.neyber.co.uk/

Founders: Martin Ijaha, Monica Kalia and Ezechi Britton

Business: Neyber is a financial wellbeing provider, supporting workers throughout the UK with their financial struggles whilst offering expert advice on how to improve money management.

Co-founded by Martin Ijaha and Monica Kalia, two former investment bankers at Goldman Sachs, along with financial technology expert Ezechi Britton, Neyber is a financial provider that not only helps lend employers financial support for their workforce but also provides financial education with no additional costs to the employer.

A company renowned for its ethical values, recognised as Ethical Financial Services Provider of the Year during the Money Age Awards, Neyber was founded on the same beliefs and tactics its Co-Founder and CEO Martin Ijaha had adopted from his Mother.

As Ijaha grew up, he saw his mother along with all her other colleagues adding cash every week into a jar. At the end of the month, an employee would be given the jar of cash, and this process would be repeated, with each new monthly sum being given to a different employee until the jar had been passed around everyone. Ijaha states that “Neyber takes this simple idea of finance nourishing within a community and brings it bang up to date with smart technology that allows employees to take control of their finances.”

Neyber therefore strives to not only provide ethical and fair employee-related finance to employers when necessary, but also to better employees’ finances and money management. Neyber offers three main products to help better the financial management of a company’s employees, these being as follows:

Financial Education – Neyber provides free financial education through its Financial Wellbeing hub to all of its clients, offering workers effective tools and guides to help them learn how to manage their money better.

Affordable Loans – Neyber also offers affordable loans with four different fixed rates to choose from. The repayment for these loans are deducted from the employee’s salary, with workers able to save over £100 a month when paying off any existing debts.

Savings and Investments – Neyber offers a wide range of different accounts to help make it easier for employees to invest.