60. Oxford VR

Company: Oxford VR

Website: https://oxfordvr.org/

Founder:  Daniel Freeman

Business: Oxford VR is based on the idea of virtual reality psychological therapies, catering immersive technology to mental health, helping to potential revolutionise mental health services across the country.

The startup is based upon the ground-breaking work by the founder of Oxford VR, Daniel Freeman. Freeman is an expert in his field, working as a Professor of Clinical Psychology at Oxford University as well as an Consultant Clinical Psychologist for the Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust.

Using his considerable experience and expertise, the founder has become one of the first to use virtual reality in order to both treat and understand mental health issues.

The startup is based in the UK and it its main focus when it comes to its use of virtual reality is to provide user-centred cognitive conditions that typically have a huge impact on patients, but in a cost-effective manner. How does this work? Oxford VR treatments are all automated, with a virtual coach delivering the therapy. The therapy given is tailored to each and every condition, based on therapeutic techniques on a theoretical model of each issues that has been already tested extensively.

Oxford VR has shown that this helps to dramatically increase access to more people to the best therapies available in the UK.