61. RelaxMyDog

Company: RelaxMyDog

Website: https://relaxmydog.com/

Founder: Amman Ahmed

Business: Helping dogs to reduce anxiety, stress, boredom, hyperactivity and loneliness through the use of a wide range of audio and visual solutions. Customers of RelaxMyDog have the option of being able to use these on any device, at any time.

For many, RelaxMyDog has become a virtual pet-sitter, helping to calm down otherwise anxious or lonely dogs when people may be at work or at an event. The startup has stated that its relaxing music content is used on average 8 hours a day, making it the perfect accompaniment for owners who have to go to work, but are concerned about their dogs whilst they are away.

Ahmed started his company initially as a side project. Initially, the Manchester startup was going to primarily focus on music that helped people get to sleep, before then expanding to service dogs as well as cats too.

The business is thriving, it is estimated that the company generates a 6-figure revenue across YouTube as well as apps for mobile devices and TVs. The company is also exploring other ventures beyond relaxing music for dogs and cats, including providing tips for animal owners through its vlogs.