62. Koru Kids

Company: Koru Kids

Website: https://www.korukids.co.uk/

Founder: Rachel Carrell

Business: The company is a childcare service that is based in London that provides after-school childcare as well as summer holiday care.

How does the startup work, and what makes it different to other childcare companies available? When parents register, Koru Kids looks on your behalf in your location for the best childcare option for you. When a match is found, Koru Kids contacts you with further details so you can make a decision, then connecting you with the person to ensure its the right choice for you. The business also takes care of contracts and payroll so that you don’t have to. Koru Kids also trains students and older adults in the capital to become after school nannies.

The founder, who previously worked in health technology for a number of years, came up with the idea for the startup after having realised once she had a baby that arranging childcare in London was difficult, expensive and with few options to choose from. It was an experienced similarly echoed by London friends with children too. As a result, Carrell made it her mission to create better childcare options for families in London.