63. SushiDog


Company Name: SushiDog

Website:  https://www.sushidog.co.uk/

Founders: Greg Ilsen and Nicholas Goldstein

Business: SushiDog sells made-to-order sushi rolls and bowls for those with a love for the Japanese cuisine, sustainable products and good-quality sushi.

Founded in 2018, Westfield White City’s SushiDog was first created whilst founders (and lifelong friends) Greg Ilsen and Nicholas Goldstein struggled to find fresh sushi that could be eaten on the go. With a love for both the Japanese cuisine and for convenience, Ilsen and Goldstein founded SushiDog, adding an exciting twist on London’s sushi scene.



All SushiDog products are made to order, with customers starting the SushiDog process by choosing either a bowl or a roll. The SushiDog Roll is essentially a sushi burrito, whereas the SushiDog Bowl is a bowl filled with top-quality, mouth-watering sushi. Customers can decide to either customise their bowl and/or roll, or choose from a list of signature combinations with fun titles including their “Prawn To Be Wild” and “Katsu Way I Like It”. All signature dishes can be made into either a bowl or a roll.

The company is also dedicated to selling sustainable products that reduce damage to the environment, working with Joii Sushi as their fish partner. Joii Sushi is focused on reducing fishing-related impacts on the environment and by-catch, working with conservation organisations to ensure environmental impacts of their fishing are kept to an absolute minimum. In addition to this, Joii Sushi products undergo extensive testing and cleaning processes, ensuring all SushiDog ingredients are of the best quality, completely safe and very tasty.

Both Ilsen and Goldstein have exciting plans for their brand’s future, wanting to expand in London’s catering industry. The company already cater for business lunches all around London, and plan to develop on this by offering bespoke catering packages for both private parties and corporate events.