64. ZappyAI

Company: ZappyAI

Website: https://zappy.ai/

Founder: Ambuj Agarwal

Business: Zappy gives non-technical employees the option of being able to manually automate their business processes.

Zappy saves the average client a minimum of 30 minutes per day per employee using automation technology.

All employees need to do is complete the process once, and Zappy’s use of AI technology means that it will then learn and execute that process on their behalf, meaning that employees never have to do the process again!

Its founder, Ambuj Agarwal, founded the business in London in May 2016. Agarwal is one of the world’s leading experts in Artificial Intelligence and Process Automation, and the winner of a number of innovation and technology awards from a variety of prestigious organisations, including the Ministry of Justice, Imperial College London, and CitiBank, and the firm has already won investment from Microsoft and Google, raising a total of $4.2 million over three rounds of funding.