65. Addin365


Company: Addin365

Website: https://www.addin365.com/

Founders: Suzy Dean

Business: Addin365 helps employees to use the correct parts of Office 365 in order to complete their work in the most effective way.

Addin365 helps businesses and organisations to maximise on their returns on investment when it comes to the Office 365 platform, making their operations more effective. It is also the only team to create, build and release the world’s only cloud productivity tool for Microsoft’s Office platform, called AddIn Work Hub.




With every business they co-operate with, an individual implementation plan by the dedicated team of Microsoft Office 365 specialists. is created in order to meet the company’s objective, with Addin365 products. Consequently, the startup helps to maximise company productivity.

CEO and founder Suzy Dean started Addin365 back in 2015, with the startup’s products now being used in a staggering 95 countries with wide-ranging clients, including TSB Bank and it is an official Microsoft partner, working closely with the Microsoft product teams in order to help advise on the future roadmap of Office 365. Dean has already won a number of awards, including Computing Magazine’s ‘Entrepreneur of the Year’ award in November 2018.