75. Pretty Lavish


Company: Pretty Lavish

Founders: Stephanie & Samantha Frost

Website: prettylavish.co.uk

Business: Pretty Lavish is a clothing brand which showcases clothes and accessories for the savvy and the sophisticated, online.



About Pretty Lavish

Samantha and Stephanie are sisters and founded Pretty Lavish in 2013. Born in the back of their living room, Samantha was working in fashion buying and Stephanie was an accountant. Starting solely online meant the risks and costs were lower, allowing both to stay in their current employment and work on the business in the evenings and weekends. Stephanie and Samantha made an initial investment of £3000 which went towards stock and a website.

Initially they started buying wholesale but we struggled to source the products they were looking for. They then designed their own range which then launched in 2016. 2019 was a massive growth year with the brand becoming sought after by large retailers. Pretty Lavish are now stocked in ASOS, Next and Silk Fred.

Stephanie and Samantha faced a considerable challenge when a brand selling on ASOS copied their designs, selling them for half the price.  They had to made a commercial decision whether the legal costs involved to fight the case would outweigh the loss of sales from letting this brand continue to sell through the products.

This year, Pretty Lavish are focusing on international markets, improving their retail website to allow overseas customers to shop in their own currency and see import charges ahead of ordering. They are hoping to achieve 200% growth on international orders for this financial year and are also working to grow the B2B business internationally.