76. uMed

Company: uMed

Website: https://umed.io

Founder: Matt Wilson

Business: uMed is a technology-enabled research network that can provide rapid, low cost support to the NHS by using Electronic Health Records (EHR) to automate the targeted engagement of patients through our unique two-way communication between GP practices and patients.

About uMed

uMed’s technology has consistently been well received by healthcare providers and life sciences alike. The current pandemic has put a global emphasis on the importance of clinical research and truly highlighted the need for our technology. The capability to rapidly target patients groups and remotely capture data is key to the execution of research and education programmes, specifically in relation to Covid-19. A challenge has therefore been the need for rapid technical development required to accelerate support of Covid-19 studies. uMed have an established academic support from Oxford University, the Royal College of General Practitioners (RCGP) and Queen Mary University London.


GP practices are under pressure to deliver clinical services with significant levels of staff sickness. They are participating in multiple research and targeted education programmes more so than ever before. uMed is addressing this issue through automation of these programmes by using EHR data to target specific patient groups and then engage them on behalf of their recognised healthcare provider. uMed is able to support providers in conducting multiple Covid-19 research studies simultaneously.

uMed’s long term business model uses our technology to support both academic and commercial research for chronic conditions into their healthcare provider network.