38. Senseon

Company: Senseon

Founder: David Atkinson

Website: www.senseon.io

Business: A self-driving defence platform automating the process of detecting, investigating and responding to cyber threats.


About Senseon

Founded in 2017, Senseon has developed an innovative and unique cyber defence platform. Using an AI-led approach, Senseon provides an advanced threat detection service, its technology able to analyse in a human-like way, and thereby going beyond the abilities of traditional threat detection tools.

The platform also negates the need for numerous different defence tools, providing an all-in-one approach for a company’s cyber defence. Through this, Senseon saves its customers time and money, helping them to focus more energy into their business’s objectives, all whilst advancing their cyber security capabilities.

Senseon’s platform can be integrated into businesses of all different shapes and sizes, from the small, family-run operations right through to global organisations.




CEO and founder of the startup David Atkinson has a rich background in cyber security, having previously helped to pioneer cybersecurity tactics within his role as a Commissioned Officer at the UK’s Ministry of Defence, as well as being Commercial Director at the renowned cyber AI company Darktrace.

Recently, Senseon has been recognised for its innovative technology, awarded the Institute of Engineering and Technology’s ‘Best Cybersecurity Innovation of 2019’, as well as being named the Rising Star in 2019 by Oracle during the Deloitte ‘Fast 50’ awards. The startup has raised a seed funding of $6.4 million, set to be used for further expansion throughout both Europe and America.