37. Lifeed

Riccarda Zezza Lifeed

Company: Lifeed

Website: lifeed.io

Founder: Riccarda Zezza

Business: Lifeed is an innovative EdTech company on a mission to harness skills learned during key life transitions into skills for the world of work, through a series of digital training programs.


About Lifeed

Founder Riccarda  Zezza held senior management positions in the corporate world for over 15 years, before having children and eventually being demoted after having her second child. She felt passionately that her experiences as a parent added value to her as an employee, helping to train unique soft skills, though it was clear that her employees considered it a burden.

On the back of this, she wrote the book ‘Maternity as a Master’ and put together a scientific board to help create Lifeed. Now, they have programs aimed at multiple life transitions (becoming a parent, caring for a relative, or going through a crisis), and her products have been used by over 14,000 people across 23 countries, including at huge organisations like EY, Accenture and Danone.

Their flagship program ‘New Parents’ is based on harnessing the unique skills learned during parenthood, such as self-awareness, time management and complex problem-solving, and applying them to the workplace.