36. Zeux

Company: Zeux

Website: zeux.com

Founder: Frank Zhou

The Business: Zeux is an all-in-one money app that combines payments, banking and investment.


About Zeux

As a mobile platform, Zeux allows its customers to make payments, use banking services and invest in retail products on the market.

Founded in 2017, as an FCA regulated fintech company based in London, Zeux’s mission is to simplify people’s financial lives. Using the Zeux App means you can see exactly where you spend your money with simple categories. Travel with Zeux Visa Card, which is instantly available when you register in Zeux app, means no-fee on transactions when you spend abroad.




One of the unique highlights is that Zeux is the first fintech which offers mobile payment via Apple Pay and Samsung Pay. This allows customers to spend their cryptocurrencies like they would spend any traditional currency – say for example, you can pay with crypto for milk in your corner shop! But that’s not all – Zeux likes to bring innovations to the market.

In 2020, Zeux has been the first European fintech to bring e-commerce benefits into payment with its launch of an In-App shopping and cashback feature – catering for the increase in online shopping. Every Zeux customer can get 2% cashback from every Amazon order.

The Zeux team is formed by a group of industry experts from finance, technology and marketing. The founder, Frank Zhou, is an Oxford-educated finance professional with 10+ years’ experience in reputable investment banks such as Merrill Lynch and Society Generale.

Zeux will continue its commitment to making finances simple for its customers – planning to expand to Europe this year.