42. Simba

Company: Simba

Website: https://simbasleep.com/

Founders: Steve Reid and James Cox

Business: Simba is a London-based SleepTech startup that hopes to revolutionise the way in which we sleep. The company uses cutting-edge materials and state of the art technology to create a wide range of innovative products, becoming one of Europe’s fastest growing sleep businesses.




Simba was founded in 2015, and launched in February 2016, having spent over one year of research and development (and creating over 75 prototypes) in order to create a mattress that they believed would satisfy the UK’s sleeping needs – a one-type-that-fits all that could adapt to whomever was sleeping on it. It is backed by a number of high-profile investors, including co-founder of Innocent drinks, Richard Reed.

Features that the startup has launched include a temperature regulating pillow, an engineered bed base that can be assembled in just three minutes, as well as a zero-gravity adjustable bed. Their leading product is a mattress that combines technology into the design process from the very start, and was created in cooperation with research from the Sleep-to-Live institute, and has now sold 100,000 of these mattresses in the UK. It is currently working on taking its vision elsewhere, tackling both the US and Asia.