43. Arthur J Hawke

Arthur J Hawke business profile

Company Name: Arthur J Hawke

Website: https://www.arthurjhawke.co.uk/

Founders: Josh Tomkins

Business: Arthur J Hawke is an eCommerce business that specialises in high-quality male grooming and beard care essentials.

With big beards a highly popular look for men, Arthur J Hawke offers excellent quality products at fantastic prices to keep its customers looking their best! Founded in 2016 by Josh Tomkins, Arthur J Hawke offers high-quality grooming products for men, including handcrafted oils and beard balms. All Arthur J Hawke products are made with ingredients intended to nourish both the beard and skin.

Arthur J Hawke offers a wide range of products, including beard oils, beard care, hair styling, grooming and shaving- and offers gift sets that include a great selection of its products such as “A Gentleman’s Gift” and “Arthur’s Giftset”, all details of which are available on their website.

Its famous beard oils come in a fantastic range of quirky and unique fragrances, including Artesian Coffee, Banoffee Pie and Blueberry Muffin to name a few of the many. In addition to a wide variety of fantastic beard oils, Tomkins’s male grooming company also offers a variety of top-quality combs and bristles to maintain beards and reduce split ends.

There’s also a range of excellent items for those less focused on the bearded look; including a superb selection of hair styling products (putties, clays, pastes etc.) in addition to a Tea Tree and Mint shaving oil, which not only nourishes and conditions the skin but also soothes during shaving.