53. ViaVan

Company: ViaVan

Founder: Chris Snyder

Website: viavan.com

Business: Professional and socially responsible ride-sharing



About ViaVan

Founded in 2017 by Chris Snyder, ViaVan offers an Uber alternative that is safe, dynamic and socially responsible.

It was launched as a joint venture between Via and Mercedes-Benz Vans. Running alongside existing transport links, it is more comfortable than public transport but safer and more environmentally friendly than Uber. ViaVan stops act as “virtual bus stops”. They provide pickup and drop-off services at particular points for individuals travelling in the same direction. The vehicles are all professionally-chauffeured Mercedes-Benz vans.

Their mission, in part, is to work alongside the congestion charge and offer sustainable and environmentally friendly transport solutions. In the future, they want to develop electric and autonomous vehicles to further reduce carbon footprint. So far they have saved over 15K metric tonnes of CO2.

ViaVan partner with cities, public and private transport operators, corporations and universities. They provide various transport solutions spanning school drop off, work commutes and medical transport, amongst other services. They boast over 90 transport partners.

They raised initial funds of $250m from German carmaker Daimler to assist their European expansion. Currently, they offer their services in over 20 countries.