24. Vintage Cash Cow


Company: Vintage Cash Cow

Website: https://www.vintagecashcow.co.uk/

Founder: Antony Charman and David Weaver

Business: Vintage Cash Cow are the first online platform to make selling vintage items easy and free. Vintage items include old watches, coins, sunglasses, jewellery and more.

The problem they have addressed is that traditional marketplaces require consumers to list all their items one by one, take photos, deal with questions and non-paying buyers.

Vintage Cash Cow cover the cost of postage or doorstep collection and then assess the box of items when it arrives at their facility. An offer is made for the box, allowing the customer to choose from an immediate payment or decide to have their items returned for free.

vintage cash cow items

Vintage Cash Cow was founded in 2016 when an old antiques trader (Antony Charman) met a marketing ace (David Weaver) and began disrupting the antique and vintage market. Anthony Charman had been travelling up and down the country running hugely successful stalls at antique shows, but he knew he could make it bigger if he went online.

The two met through a chance introduction through a friend of a friend and hit it off immediately – our service’s concept was born that night.

The business now runs out of a 10,000+m2 facility and was part of our list of Leeds startups. The firm currently employs more than 40 people and has paid out over £1.5 million.

Vintage Cash Cow achieved funding from the Dutch Founders Fund – a great venture capital fund headed up by the founders of JustEat, WeTransfer and SoWifi, amongst others.They just launched our service in the Netherlands at https://www.vintagecashcow.nl/ – this signifies the start of our expansion phase to bring our service to Europe – Belgium and Germany are next (Early next year) and a US launch by 2020.