25. Habito

Company name: Habito

Website: https://www.habito.com/

Founder: Daniel Hegarty

Business: Habito is a free online mortgage broker that has the aim of making the process of finding a mortgage easier.

The online platform helps to find its customers the best mortgage possible, in a completely transparent and impartial manner.

The startup uses cutting edge technology that unlike a traditional brokers, analyses every single mortgage from over a staggering 90 lenders on the market, and with the help of industry-leading mortgage experts, helps to find you the very best deal in a matter of seconds.

A dedicated mortgage experts is provided to each customer, and provides regular updates on the application process from beginning to end.




Habito was first launched in April 2016 by Daniel Hegarty, a former Wonga employee. The idea first came to Daniel after he went through the experience of applying for a mortgage himself, and found it to be an annoying and time-consuming process.

In addition, the process led him to nearly lose out on his dream home due to the outdated mortgage application process. Daniel took things into his own hands and started brainstorming how he could create a much more efficient mortgage broker model, that would be completely free for consumers to use.