26. Ready10

Company Name: Ready10

Website: https://ready10.media/

Founders: David Fraser

Business: A communications company that specialises not only in PR but also organic SEO.

This business was unanimously chosen by the other judges.

Founded in 2016 by David Fraser, Ready10 is a London-based communications company. The company has recognised how entwined the PR and SEO field have become in this online-driven age, and so have focused their business around these two areas. Ready10 therefore helps brands that have a predominantly online presence to thrive and flourish in this ever-changing communications landscape through a wonderful PR/SEO mixed approach.

The company is extremely employee-focussed and provides all of its workers with a fantastic, 100+ perks benefit package. This package includes an unlimited holiday allowance and Ready10 believes that your place of work should be “an environment where you can perform, grow, achieve & laugh.”

Although only founded in 2016, Ready10 have built up an impressive client base; working with such big names as Konami, MoneySuperMarket, Paddy Power and Flip Out to name a few.

In addition to this client base, Ready10 has also collected other such notable accomplishments as changing the name of a seaside town in Kent, being part of an FA Cup tie which captured attention from around the globe, and winning multiple awards; including the PRCA’s Small Consultancy of the Year 2018, PR Week Awards Best New Consultancy 2017, and the CIPR’s Outstanding Small Public Relations Consultancy 2018 award.

When the company first started, it was built on the notion of marrying PR and SEO to create optimised media coverage and overall presence of the company’s many different client brands. Ready10 claims that its objective is to make campaigns that cause impact in hearts, minds and bottom lines. The campaigns created by Ready10 for its clients have helped some to attain £100k additional revenue, generate 10,000 app hits in a day, and even helped to get one client into both Prime Minister’s Questions and Question Time.