27. Arthur Online

 Company Name: Arthur Online

Website: https://www.arthuronline.co.uk/

Founders: Marc Trup, Rochelle Trup & David Cummin

Business: Arthur Online is a digital property management platform that helps property managers run key aspects of their business efficiently and effortlessly.

Founded in 2012 by David Cummin, Marc and Rochelle Trup, Arthur Online was created to fill the vacant gap of a property management tool that helps those in the property industry to organise and run their business all from a quick and easy to use platform.

Having close to 20 years of experience in the property field by the time Arthur Online was created, co-founder Marc Trup used a combination of his existing invaluable network and available cloud technology to turn his idea for a property management tool into the innovative success it is today. The platform was launched in 2014.




Arthur Online works through cloud-based technology, managing all of the main features that are vital in property management such as tenancy, accounting, reporting, contractors and maintenance; helping to solve any issues fast by enabling constant communication and instant response.

Arthur Online also offers apps to further increase the efficiency with which property managers can respond to issues. The apps (Arthur Online, Arthur Online Tenant and Arthur Online Contractor), each relate to a different aspect of the property industry and therefore its management.

Arthur Online prides itself on its personal approach to property management. Trup explained during an interview with TechRound that, bar its superb functionality, what sets the business apart from the rest is its dedicated and friendly customer support service.

Trup has big plans for the company’s future, aiming to make Arthur Online the property management platform, and further stating that “We’re confident that our software is market beating. Our objective now is to keep getting our name out there so that we become a household name for property managers worldwide!”