60. WeAgile

Company: WeAgile

Founder: Chris Bradshaw and Monshur Ali

Website: weagile.com

The Business: WeAgile is a digital creative studio that launched in April 2019, with a view to changing the agency model of creative agencies.


About WeAgile

WeAgile saw a gap in the market, where change was needed within the agency world. The model is to move away from selling time and day rates and focus on adding value. Building partnerships with clients whilst fairly remunerating all their teams with success fees and option shares in venture deals worked on. Their model is based totally on remote working with all teams freelancers, allowing WeAgile to build tailored teams for clients.




The remote and freelance model was initially a challenge for clients to understand and believe in but over the past year have been able to deliver large projects in a shorter time span our clients were quoted by other agencies whilst saving them money. WeAgile has also been able to go internationally with clients and teams in Europe, US, Dubai and South Africa mainly through referrals.

This year, their primary goal is to grow our CSR commitments and continually support peers to help them navigate remote working.