59. Stint

Company: Stint

Founder: Sol Schlagman and Sam Schlagman

Website: www.stint.co

Business: Employment app connecting students to jobs from small and large businesses in real-time


About Stint

Stint was founded in 2018 to solve very real problems for students and businesses in a way that is beneficial for everyone. At the time, most of us were either still students or had recently graduated and understood how difficult it is to get by while studying for a degree. Most of our friends had at one point either had to skip lectures or miss a shift at work in order to fit making money around studying. Stint is solving these problems by using tech to make it as easy as possible for students to fit work around their studies.

STINT logo

Students with a few free hours in their schedule can earn extra cash and gain experience from opportunities posted by local businesses who need help to manage customer demand during their daily peaks. Our students take on basic, but vital tasks, freeing up the business’s core team to focus on what they do best and help them to serve more customers, to a higher standard.

We have connected over 1,000 businesses with our workforce of 20,000 motivated students, and this year will be expanding to help students and businesses to work better together across the UK. Both young people and the high street have been hit hard by the Covid-19 crisis, and we think that we can help students find good work and help high street businesses to reopen with confidence.

At Stint, we also experience the same challenge as our customers, and understand the need to match internal resources to business demand. When it comes to scaling our business we have used the same approach and rely on technology to enable our workforce to provide value, support and opportunities for students and businesses.