58. ClauseMatch

Company: ClauseMatch 

Founder: Andrey Dokuchaev and Evgeny Likhoded

Website: clausematch.com

Business: Helping regulated companies to optimise their compliance of internal corporate governance documentation.


About ClauseMatch

Founded in 2012, ClauseMatch offers unique SaaS, enabling financial institutions, as well as other types of regulated companies, to enhance their regulatory compliance. The startup helps companies to streamline their management of regulatory change; organising internal policies, procedures, standards and controls simply and effectively.

Through its software, ClauseMatch can help businesses to drastically improve their productivity, saving companies millions in resources and time, all whilst reducing risk.


ClauseMatch Compliance Dashboard


The startup claim its mission “is to bring unprecedented transparency, accountability and efficiency to the regulatory implementation and compliance processes, therefore, giving employees more valuable time to spend on things that matter and they enjoy most of all.”

Having worked in the legal sector for more than a decade, co-founder and  CEO Evgeny Likhoded, experienced first-hand the challenges with managing compliance, and was driven to find a way to help improve this throughout regulated businesses. Alongside Andrey Dokucha, with a background in finance, the two built ClauseMatch into the innovative tech company it is today.

ClauseMatch is also a 2014 graduate of the Barclays accelerator programme, recognised for its services as the BBVA Open Talent challenge winner, and the top RegTech companies selected by CB insights and Dow Jones. Since founded, the company have undergone 6 funding rounds, raising a total of $9.3 million.