57. Zyng


Company name: Zyng

Website: zyng.app

Founder:Neil Tanna, Duncan Cowan and Jake Jenner

Business: ZYNG is a free social planning app that combines events, group chats and calendar sharing to make organising plans simple.




About Zyng

Released on app stores in December 2019 by friends-turned-co-founders Neil Tanna, Duncan Cowan and Jake Jenner, ZYNG was named as “One to watch in 2020” by The PHA Group and has been featured in Sifted, Verdict, Fabulous and UK Tech News. Following rapid initial growth and a cost-per-install of £0.26, we raised our first round of investment in February 2020, which included notable tech investors Claire Valoti (VP International at Snap, Inc, who also joined as a NED) and Amir Nooriala (Chief Commercial Officer at Callsign).

ZYNG solves a problem we all have: organising our social lives and making plans with friends is a real pain. Plans can be made in seconds on ZYNG and not only include the ‘who’, ‘what’, ‘where’ and ‘when’, but each event also has its own built-in chat and syncs directly into your calendar.

By securely attaching to your existing calendars, ZYNG solves arguably the most frustrating planning pain point: finding a date that works for everyone. By sharing your ‘Availability’ with friends, ZYNG can automatically find the next time everyone is free for, for example, Thursday drinks, Saturday brunch or a week away. Sharing your ‘Calendar’ allows close friends and family to keep up-to-date with your work schedule, suggest a Friday dinner when you’re both free or put not-so-subtle reminders like “take out the bins” in your calendar.