77. Wefarm

Company: Wefarm

Website: https://wefarm.co/

Founder: Kenny Ewan, Claire Rhodes and Jim Rhodes.

Business: What is Wefarm? This exciting startup company certainly makes the TechRound 100, having already become the world’s largest farmer-to-farmer digital network. Farmers across the globe are able to connect with other farmers on a whole matter of issues, whether it be crop problems, spread innovation or simply to spread ideas. What’s more, farmers do not even need to have an internet connection to be able to connect to the network: this is because it even works through SMS. It is estimated that Wefarm farmers share on average a staggering 40,000 questions and answers each and every day!

Through the very latest machine learning technology, the startup provides bespoke, crowd-sourced information directly to farmers, helping them to gain insight into yields, pricing as well as how to diversify their agricultural interests, to name but a few things.

The UK founded startup was initially developed as a pilot project from within a UK-registered charity that supports smallholder farmers and organisations across Africa, Latin America and Asia. The idea came about as the founders wanted to bring knowledge-sharing services to smallholder farmers, in order to help improve agricultural productivity across the world, wherever farmers may be.