10. Adhesh Shenoy & Hunaid Nagaria

Company: Guerrilla.Co

Founders: Adhesh Shenoy & Hunaid Nagaria

Website: www.theguerrilla.co.uk

About Guerrilla.Co


Guerrilla.Co is a London-based early-stage startup that has developed a patent-pending device designed to retrofit seamlessly into existing roadside drains and capture runoff pollution without using membranes, electricity, or moving parts, thus preventing this pollution from entering our water bodies.

When it rains in our cities, pollution, including microplastics, heavy metals, and toxic hydrocarbons, is washed into the drainage network and eventually finds its way into water bodies untreated. Shockingly, this mechanism is responsible for mobilizing 30% of all ocean pollution, posing a direct threat to human health, biodiversity, and increasing downstream treatment costs for water companies.

Our patent-pending design intervenes at the first point of entry into the drainage network, capturing contaminants from road runoff. By preventing the diffusion of pollutants into the water through the drainage network, our device not only contributes to substantial cost savings in water treatment but also enhances flood resilience and improves water quality.

We operate on a B2B business model, strategically aligning with local councils, road agencies, and water companies to capitalize on the economic benefits derived from reduced treatment costs but also providing them with a solution to comply with the upcoming tighter runoff discharge regulations.

Currently, we’ve built a working prototype that we’ve tested in a controlled environment with simulated runoff and have seen promising results. At the moment, we’re looking at pushing forward with the next steps in our development alongside results from field trials.

In addition to the technical advancements, we have prioritized building strong connections with stakeholders, and maintaining a constant feedback loop to enhance our business model. Within the first few months of starting the business, we have gained recognition through various awards and affiliations, including the Mayor’s Entrepreneurship Award, OfWat Water Discovery Challenge, the Greenhouse program, Geovation, to name a few.

Looking ahead, Guerrilla is on a trajectory to deploy its first devices in public drains by Q3 2024, moving one step closer in its mission to create a more water-resilient future.

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