9. Alejandra de Brunner

Company: The Ethos Network

Founder: Alejandra de Brunner

Website: https://theethosnetwork.com/

About The Ethos Network


The Ethos Network is a knowledge-based platform made to encourage the exchange of meaningful content. With it, be heard by the wider community. With this platform, you can connect, learn and join in on topics that matter to you.

The aim of our platform is to be a special space for meaningful conversations with your close circle. For when the group chat wants to go that bit deeper

UCL undergraduate Alejandra de Brunner founded The Ethos Network to offer a socially responsible alternative to Facebook and Twitter. The ETHOS platform is a social network focused on social causes and provides an online space that encourages its users to learn about and engage with a variety of social issues. The Ethos Network has already secured three announced equity funding rounds and is being used to spearhead positive change. ETHOS is committed to pioneering user-friendly technologies that empower people to use social connections for the greater good – whether it’s to benefit themselves, others, or the planet.

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