8. Marciha Musharat & Ahnaf Shah

Company: OloBird

Founders: Marciha Musharat & Ahnaf Shah

Website: https://olobird.com/

About OloBird


Introduced in April 2022, OloBird stands as a B2B fashion sourcing marketplace committed to fostering a more transparent, accessible, efficient, and sustainable fashion sourcing process for brands across various sizes and locations. Distinguished as the world’s first fully transparent fashion-sourcing marketplace, OloBird empowers brands to meticulously track, monitor, and exert influence over the entire value chain within their apparel production cycle. Notably, OloBird’s comprehensive offering includes an “end-to-end, design-to-delivery solution with no MOQ requirement,” providing emerging brands with the flexibility and opportunity to scale without constraints.

Founded by a twin brother and sister duo, both 24 years old, Ahnaf and Marciha are on a mission to revolutionise the apparel sourcing industry. With educational backgrounds spanning the University of Cambridge, London School of Economics, King’s College London, and Imperial College London, the founders bring over 7 years of collective experience in the textile industry, encompassing supply chain management, production, quality assurance, and sales.

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