13. Konstantinos Dimopoulos

Company: Adventropia Ltd

Founder: Konstantinos Dimopoulos

Website: https://adventropia.com/

About Adventropia Ltd


Adventropia helps to streamline, facilitate and digitise the excursion booking process, enabling hotel guests to book excursions from the comfort of their rooms. Simultaneously, it empowers hoteliers and activity providers to enhance guest satisfaction.

Konstantinos, an adventurer with extensive experience in the hotel industry, conceived the idea of offering travellers handpicked local experiences at their fingertips, allowing them to meet new people, respect nature and embrace local traditions. This benefits not only the travellers but also the activity providers who now have a settled tool to manage their bookings and know in advance the necessary information about their guests with the help of AI, offering personalised services.

Adventropia resolves challenges for hoteliers and activity providers, seamlessly converting them into an automated revenue stream. It tackles issues like overwhelming guest requests, providing local information, and offering tailored recommendations. Additionally, navigates limited operating hours and bridges language barriers.

Adventropia currently offers its services from family hotels to well-sized establishments, in the most adventurous destinations.

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