16. Sydney Samuels, Age 26

Company: Loop Not Luck

Age: 26

Website: https://loopnotluck.com/

Business: ‘Loop Not Luck’ is a diversity career platform. We intelligently match junior candidates with relevant career opportunities at companies across the United Kingdom.

About Sydney And Loop Not LUck

Loop Not Luck have harnessed the power of technology to make it as easy as possible for businesses to find high-quality, diverse applicants and to simplify the job hunt for candidates who have the potential, skills, and grit but do not have a pre-existing network to tap into.

Our customers are businesses that want to proactively deliver on diversity by attracting diverse junior talent. We currently have a customer base that ranges from fast-growing start-ups across a range of sectors (Finance, Technology and Fashion) to larger corporates. We are industry and role-type agnostic, with a focus on junior talent requiring 0-3 years’ experience.

We’ve built a partner network across the United Kingdom of 50+ organisations that feed candidates into our growing talent pool of over 15,000 candidates. Companies can make a one-off payment for a single post or a monthly subscription giving them several ‘role credits’ to use at their discretion over 12 months. The platform is free for candidates to sign up and find career opportunities matched to their values, interests, skills, experience, and education.


When a role goes live, candidates who are a 75%+ match are notified of a new opportunity. Candidates are then reviewed by companies and invited to the next stage or directed straight to the company’s application process and identified as a Loop Not Luck applicant.

The Loop Not Luck platform is a solution to both, providing companies with a way to proactively deliver on diversity and attract high-quality suitable, and diverse candidates. Our talent. It is expensive and time-consuming to keep relationships with tens of different talent acquisition partners. Our customers benefit from enormous economies of scale.

Additionally, we closed our first investment round in July 2022. Our CEO, Sydney Samuels, pitched to 154 angel investors over eight months to get five yeses. In the space of just over a year, we have grown to a team of 8, built the product and won customers, our most recent being “The Economist Group”. We are making progress and have proven that this can and will work. Now, we need support and guidance while we transition into doing it at scale.



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