17. Edward Beccle, Age 23

Company: Glorify

Age: 23

Website: https://glorify-app.com/

Business: Glorify is a worship app that was designed to help Christians get into good worship habits.

About Edward Beccle and Glorify

Glorify is a religious, subscription-based app that was founded by Edward Beccle when he was just 21 years old in 2019. The idea for the app came whilst Edward was in a church service. The focus of Glorify was to create a worship app that gave Christians bite-sized worship routines that were available to everyone and highlighted an alternative way to connect with God through technology.

Since its founding, Glorify has raised £30million in Series A funding led by Andreessen Horowitz with participation from SoftBank Latin America fund, K5 Global and multiple celebrities. Michael Bublé an investor in Glorify has stated “with Glorify, we now have the tools to find moments throughout the day to connect with God on our own terms”.


Edward was raised in Hong Kong before moving to the UK where he attended school in Oxford, he decided against university but has shown entrepreneurial flair. He co-founded Hintsa in 2017 – a human high-performance coaching platform that he went on to sell.

On the broader aim of Glorify, Edward has said  “I want to be building tight-knit engaged communities that are really meaningful and purpose-led, rather than things that are mass, superficially engaged”.Though the app hasn’t generated huge profits yet Edward believes the popularity of the app coinciding with the celebrity endorsements will help to increase this.

Edward has discussed the future, with the hope of developing and releasing new products that will also engage with audiences alongside boosting the popularity of the app. The app has been incredibly popular with 2.5 million downloads and 250,000 regular users predominantly in the US and Brazil.



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