18. Chloe Walsh, Age 25

Company: Coco Cosmetics by Chloe

Age: 25

Website: https://cocobychloe.com/

Business: Coco Cosmetics is a makeup brand with a huge online following, which has been featured in Vogue twice.


About Chloe and Coco Cosmetics

Chloe Walsh launched Coco Cosmetics in 2018 with £530 that she borrowed from her grandmother.

Chloe was inspired by how makeup transformed her confidence as she dealt with severe eczema on her body and face. She began experimenting on herself and her loved ones, soon branching out to paying clients. She took the time to learn about different formulations and what sorts of products worked on different skin types. This gave her the confidence to start developing her own products.

Her business sells a range of cosmetic products such as false lashes, lip glosses, gift boxes, and its viral marshmallow sponge.

Coco Cosmetics began as a small, local brand for two years. Chloe did not get much social media engagement until she started TikTok. After spending time consistently posting, Chloe’s account exploded, getting a considerable inpouring of global support. This exposure allowed her brand to flourish, and she began stocking with cosmetics giant ‘Beauty Bay’.

The business has since been able to move from out of Chloe’s bedroom to a new office in Furness Gate, Barrow, to cope with the international demand for their products.

Since then, Coco Cosmetics has appeared in consecutive Vogue issues. The magazine featured their marshmallow sponges, lip glosses, and highlights.

Coco Cosmetics has a huge following on social media, including hundreds of thousands of TikTok followers. This pool of dedicated followers have been supplying them with a steady stream of global orders.



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