19. Jonny Stevens, Age 28

Company: Better Without

Age: 28

Website: https://betterwithout.app

Business: The Better Without app is the world’s first app for alcohol free discovery.

About Jonny And Better Without

Founder Jonny decided to give up alcohol and having used drinks apps like Untappd and Vivino, Jonny felt that the alcohol-free space needed its own app!

The app has launched in the UK, US, Canada and Australia and has over 350 brands, 1,500 products and over 1,000 venues with alcohol-free options. The aim of the app is to be the go-to place for people looking for alcohol-free options and venues, whether they are cutting back, looking for alcohol-free options or giving up completely.

better without

The business has been able to map out venues stocking alcohol free options to allow our 5,000 users to easily discover great places to visit. This proved easy in the UK with the hospitality industry being vocal about the options they stocked but harder in the other territories, as the category for alcohol-free is still in it’s early stages. To overcome the challenge of researching all the venues, we created the ability for our loyal users to add venues that they have discovered and the drinks they serve, utilising the crowdsourcing model.

In mid 2022, the app joined forces with Better Rhodes to help take the business to the next stage with Jonny continuing to lead.

Our plan over the next year is to increase our user base and have over 5,000 venues on the app by the end of 2023. We are also looking to launch in the Middle East. We continue to strive to be the go to place for discovery and trusted source of product reviews. We also want to work with the next generation of alcohol free products to give early access to our users.

As well as the app, we are expanding our back end platform to allow brands, retailers and distributors to easily connect and see industry insights.



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