20. Tag Warner, Age 28

Company: GAY TIMES

Age: 28

Website: https://www.gaytimes.co.uk/

Business: Tag Warner is the CEO of GAY TIMES, a UK-based LGBTQ+ media brand established in 1975.


About Tag and GAY TIMES

Tag Warner has successfully transformed GAY TIMES (GT) from a strictly print publication into a media brand with multiple channels. Warner’s involvement has grown GT’s audience from less than 200,000 monthly visitors to over 4 million in March.

Warner initially worked for GT as a consultant but was successfully appointed CEO at 24. His vision was to transform the business from a print magazine that was read predominantly by gay men to a multi-media company that represented all LGBTQ+ people.

gay times

GT’s Instagram channels boast industry-leading engagement, and are the brand’s leading social media platform. With the publishing industry moving from print to digital and social, Warner has helped GT to navigate the transition. He has expressed plans to enhance the brand’s social experience and grow live events.

Warner has also launched GT133 – an LGBTQ+ group of TikTok content creators under GT’s brand. GT133 has collaborated with brands such as Calvin Klein and Alexander McQueen within its first year.



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