21. Gerry Lianos, Age 26

Company: Raffolux

Age: 26

Website: https://raffolux.com

Business: Raffolux is an online raffling platform launched in March 2019 that gives people the chance to win something spectacular while raising money for a charity of their choice.


About Gerry Lianos and Raffolux

Gerry and his co-founder created Raffolux with two goals in mind; 1) to disrupt the traditional lottery model by allowing people to win a world of prizes outside of just cash, with a guaranteed winner for each draw; and 2) to make donating to your favourite charity more fun.

At the time of launching, we were entrants into a digital raffling industry that didn’t really exist; our closest competitors were various prize competitions run by magazines and TV broadcasters, and the idea of a purpose-built raffle website was completely unique. As such, we not only had to navigate a particularly grey and unexplored area of the law, but also write the playbook on what drives customer behaviour in this sector.


With Raffolux, our customers are able to support good causes every time they play, and this play-for-a-purpose element immediately set our product apart from the competition. In contrast to the lottery, we give our players control over where their money goes – and we’ve established long-term partnerships with almost 20 UK charities to enable this choice, with over £500,000 in donations raised to date. The breadth of causes on offer means the customer can select something that really matters to them; whether that’s alleviating global poverty (Oxfam), helping abandoned pets (Blue Cross), supporting seriously ill children (Great Ormond Street Hospital), or one of 14 other options, there’s something for everyone.



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