19. Riannon Palmer

Company: Lem-uhn

Founder: Riannon Palmer

Website: https://www.lem-uhn.com/

About Lem-uhn


Lem-uhn is the feel-good PR agency for brands that care. We work with changemakers to create a movement through Positive PR.

I launched Lem-uhn in May 2021. I was burnt out from the excessive hours and workload of the PR industry. During the pandemic, I was working in a PR agency with 12-hour days, weekend work and huge workloads. We were contracted for a 40-hour work week but in reality, I was working 65 hours. The final straw was when I had a panic attack during a workday.

I started Lem-uhn to be the PR agency I wanted to work at, but couldn’t find. 91% of PR professionals experienced mental health struggles in the past year, compared to 65% of the general working population reports the annual PRCA study.

I believe happy people perform better, and I’m building Lem-uhn with this in mind.

Rested employees are more productive. We have 36 days holiday. 23 days of annual leave, two wellness days for last-minute self-care, and a Christmas shutdown.

New experiences prepare our employees to serve our clients better. Our Work From Anywhere Policy lets employees work up to 45 days per year outside the UK.

We believe people who experience debilitating menstrual pain shouldn’t be penalised. Our Menstrual Policy provides flexible working solutions plus up to ten days’ leave for debilitating periods or menopause symptoms and pregnancy loss.

Sustainability has been a priority since day one. We monitor our carbon impact monthly and implement changes to reduce our carbon footprint. We subscribe to Treepoints, a platform that funds carbon offset projects, tree-planting, plastic removal and community projects. Each month, we pay to offset each of our team’s impact. In 2023, we became carbon-negative. We are also members of Clean Creatives and have begun our journey to become a B Corp.

We put people before profits. In our most recent, Employee Survey, 100% of our employees said they are happy at work. But we acknowledge that any successful company needs to be financially viable too. Q4 of 2023 is our biggest quarter yet and October 2023 was our biggest financial month to date, almost doubling our revenue from October 2023.

We’ve only been an agency for two and a half years – one during a pandemic and another during a financial crisis. With this in mind, we have big ambitions for 2024. By the end of next year, we aim to increase our monthly revenue by 35%. To achieve this, we will hire three new team members and deliver a strategic marketing plan which will cement us as the go-to PR agency for ambitious purposeful startups and scaleups.

We’ll continue to show how you can put people first while being a successful agency. Don’t just take my word for it, but also one of our clients, Amelia Peckham, Co-founder and CEO, Cool Crutches & Sticks:

“The team at Lem-uhn are incredible, they blow all other PR agencies out of the water. A fantastic, hard-working, personable and firmly results-driven agency.”

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