20. Isabella Webb

Company: Home & Maker

Founder: Isabella Webb

Website: https://www.homeandmaker.com/


About Home & Maker


Home & Maker serves as a platform where clients can connect with architects and designers for a range of projects, spanning from room conversions to constructing new houses. The platform facilitates virtual consultations, offering users the flexibility to seek anything from informal advice to comprehensive design solutions. Thousands of clients have already utilised the app to seek guidance on their projects.

Amid the challenges posed by the Covid-19 pandemic, the UK’s architectural services market faced significant struggles. Faced with a combination of the global recession and the UK lockdown, individuals turned to DIY home improvement projects. It was during this period that founders Webb and Nathan McNamara established Home & Maker.

The platform accommodates a variety of projects, including loft conversions, extensions, and new builds. Users can leverage Home & Maker to obtain construction cost estimates or opt for a more hands-on approach from the platform’s experts. The pricing model is based on a per-project-phase structure, offering clients maximum flexibility.

Communication between clients and experts primarily relies on remote technology, with optional site visits and surveys available from the company’s seven studios located in London, Leeds, Cardiff, Manchester, Glasgow, Aberystwyth, and Birmingham. The integrated messaging function allows clients to communicate at their convenience, providing flexibility in project discussions, whether at the project’s outset for planning or midway to address potential issues.

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