21. Arif Miah

Company: Beasy

Founder: Arif Miah

Website: https://www.beasy.co/

About Beasy


Beasy revolutionises how the UK’s 5.4 million small businesses navigate the daunting world of entrepreneurship. Founded by entrepreneur Arif Miah, it was established to address the overwhelming complexities of starting and running a business. Beasy stands as a testament to simplicity, clarity, and practicality, streamlining business operations for sole traders and micro businesses.

Launched with the vision to make running a business a “walk in the park,” Beasy offers a unique blend of tech-powered personalisation and human-centric support. This innovative platform provides customised solutions ranging from business product comparisons, and AI-driven growth strategies, to real-time industry news and tailored guides. It stands out as a one-stop shop for entrepreneurs to access essential tools and insights, personalised to their specific business needs.

Beasy’s journey began from the founder’s own experiences in the creative industry and his desire to democratise the process of starting and running a business. Having founded several successful businesses already, Arif recognised the struggles faced by small business and start-up founders in managing multiple aspects of their business, often leading to the neglect of critical areas due to time constraints. Beasy addresses this gap by offering personalised support, enabling business owners to focus on growth and innovation.

As a self-funded venture, Beasy is geared for significant growth. One of its key achievements includes an initiative to award small businesses and startups with a brand makeover worth £20,000, in partnership with an award-winning branding agency. This initiative reflects Beasy’s commitment to nurturing the next generation of British businesses, aligning with the company’s mission to provide comprehensive and accessible support to the small business community.

Looking to the future, Beasy envisions becoming the go-to synonym for small business success in the UK, much like Netflix is for streaming. Its roadmap includes the development of proprietary technology to streamline business decision-making and administration, making it accessible, understandable, intuitive, and optimised for every entrepreneur’s unique journey. Integrating AI and conversational interfaces will not only automate mundane tasks but also provide real-time insights and strategies, completely revolutionising small business management.

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