22. James Roycroft-Davis

Company: Baseline

Founder: James Roycroft-Davis

Website: https://www.joinbaseline.co

About Baseline


Baseline helps people on the bipolar spectrum to live better. We use AI, education, and access to psychiatric care to give people the support and hope they need to live a better life with mental illness.

We started two months ago after I was diagnosed with bipolar in March this year and was horrified at the lack of support my wife and I received with the illness.

Bipolar and mental illness are incredibly stigmatised. It takes 9.5 years on average to get a diagnosis with bipolar. 7m people are affected with bipolar in the UK and yet no company as ever emerged to build a better future for so many people. We’re changing that.

In 3 weeks since launched 284 people have had conversations with our AI companion, which has prompted people to be able to find a psychiatrist to get help.

We’re partnering with the only Bipolar charity in the UK that help 100,000 people to give access to vital services.

We’re in discussions with several top universities to run clinical studies around our technology.

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